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Through playing sports and having an interest in psychology, I soon realised how much effort is put into training our physical components of our bodies but how little attention is given to working on our mind. I found that becoming a sport psychologist was a natural fit for me.

I'm from New Zealand and I've represented my country at age-group level for basketball and received a scholarship to play in America while I completed my undergraduate studies in psychology. Being a Kiwi, it's also hard not to be fully immersed in rugby and love the outdoors and surfing.

Now based in Nottingham, I'm currently on the British Association of Sports and Exercise Science (BASES), Sports and Exercise Psychology Accreditation Route (SEPAR). I've perviously work in sports such as Cricket & lawn bowls and currently work in netball, basketball & academy football. 

Some areas I focus my work on with clients and teams are: performing under pressure, group dynamics and helping people live a meaningful and value-driven life through sport.

Please contact me, I'd love to hear from you. 

Kia Kaha

- Tim

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Please feel free to contact me about any services, or any questions you might have, either by phone, on social media or through email. 
- Tim


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